Best Ways to Make a Million Dollars Without Stocks and Real Estate

Want to be a millionaire? Forget about real estate and stocks. There are other ways to get rich.

Run for Vice President


Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue”, was on the top of the best seller list at the end of November. The Huffington Post website reported that she received an advance of $1.25 million on the book. “Going Rogue” is an autobiography of Palin’s life from the time that her parents moved to Alaska from Idaho when she was one year old to the present.


By being tapped as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008, she gained worldwide fame as the second woman vice-presidential candidate in history. Palin’s intrigue and interesting family has made her famous and she was vetted by HarperCollins to write her story.


Win the Lottery


Most financial advisors and bloggers would cringe at the idea of winning a million dollars in the lottery. Money spent on the lottery should be invested into more secure investments which actually pay dividends.


But who can resist the momentary thrill of imagining that you won the lottery. If you don’t gamble too much, then the lottery is harmless diversion from the dreariness of going to work every day. And you just might win!


Write a Book about Getting Rich


Rhonda Byrnes, the author of “The Secret”, the bestselling book and DVD published in 2006, was down and out in late 2004. She was trying to get over some tragic events in her life when she started work on “The Secret”, which shows how to use the law of attraction to make your life better.


Rhonda Byrnes’ book was a best seller of over two years and she has made $1 million many times over. Another millionaire who writes about how to get rich is Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.


According to Wikipedia, Robert Kiyosaki has written 15 books which have sold over 26 million copies! The main theme of all the book is: How to Get Rich. There is a link to writing about getting rich and actually creating personal wealth.


Invent the Right Website


The founders of Craigslist, Facebook and Twitter have hit the big time. All you have to do to make a million dollars is to invent the web application that no one can live without and you will quickly have $1 million or more.


Some other websites we can’t live without that were invented by one or two people are: Google, Ebay, and Zappos.


If you need some inspiration to make a million dollars, just remember what Victor Hugo said: “Inspiration and genius–one and the same.”

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