Real Estate Marketing Online: Tips for Beginners

If you want to start working as a realtor agent, there are some points you should consider. I’ll tell you about eight tips to be a better fit into the real estate marketing business. Of course, you should know more, but it is probably enough to get you a better footing. These ways will help you get the first leads that can turn into sales.

  1. Buy an appropriate domain. I mean a domain with a name of some hot city on it (Miami, New York, Seattle) and some real estate concept on it: office space, beach houses, countryside, and views. Of course, the keywords should have some relation with the clients you are targeting.


  1. Take a look at SEO (search engine optimization). Study as long as you understand the basic concepts. Do the marketing yourself. Some internet marketing ‘experts’; will offer you a lot of services promising incredible results. Follow the do-it-yourself approach because in this case, you want to be active in business and SEO is a central part of this business. Outsourcing makes no sense in this case.


  1. Make a list of real estate forums. Read them regularly and post any tips that you may know. You will have to cover all aspects: legal problems, agents, finance, mortgage, home improving, etc.


  1. Learn something about making web pages. Even if someone else will do the detail work for you, you will have to know what you want. It is a nice idea to have a database describing properties (with pictures, video, floor plan, maps) and a blog where you can explain the advantages of doing business with you.


  1. Never copy anything from other sites. Be a whitehead professional. You want to enter the field to stay, so start delivering some service of quality.


  1. If you have some money or already earned some money as realtor agent, invest it in an IDX solution (i.e. an Internet Data Exchange). It allows you gathering data of many homes, offices and other real estate properties for sale.


  1. Develop a strict follow up client relationship. Know who called or emailed you. Callers are mostly better buyers. Understand their needs and take care of your clients. Sometimes people start making calls 12 months before making a purchase, so be patient.


  1. Know your properties. Don’t just present real estate, know what is around it: schools, neighborhoods, areas of interest around it.

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